AEGIS Malaysia Ad Mocks the Philippines

An advertisement from AEGIS Malaysia, a BPO company, is trending on social networking sites lately due to its contents mentioning the reasons why Philippines is not a good place for investments.

Th video was uploaded by a guy named Elcid Lao, last Friday - September 19. As of this writing, the said video has garnered more than 7000 shares and more than 1800 likes.

According to the video, Malaysia is a better place to invest rather than countries that are prone to weather disturbances.

Aside from that, it also enumerate that companies should avoid the following factors when choosing a place to invest:
  • inadequate infrastructure
  • unfriendly climate
  • less security
  • lack of government support

The video also shows the Philippines being on the ring of fire, which is an area in the Pacific where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Also, it highlights the list of destructive typhoons that passes the Philippines for the past few months.

Right now, netizens specifically Filipinos are reacting about this showing their disappointment about the said ad.